Jeff Mitchell

Director and International Network Manager of SEC

In June 2022, AMAR International and Siam Elderly Care were delighted to welcome the services of Jeff Mitchell MBE as their International Network Manager.

Jeff joined us having recently ended a celebrated career of more than 18 years as Vice Consul at the British Embassy in Bangkok – an Embassy known as the busiest Consular section within the British Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) globally.

Crisis work is a speciality area of Jeff’s, and his skills in this area were honed while he was a British Embassy Team Leader for the FCDO’s Rapid Deployment Team for Asia Pacific. This position saw Jeff deployed into some extremely precarious locations, and in many cases, he led the various crises responses. His crisis deployment responses included the 2004 (Thailand) and the 2011 (Japan) Tsunamis, as well as Typhoon Yolanda 2013 (The Philippines), to mention but a few. More recently, he also led a team remotely to the 2021 crisis in Myanmar, as well as being part of the FCDO’s massive response to help trapped and persecuted foreign nationals in Afghanistan during 2021.

Able to work extremely well under pressure, Jeff has managed some of the most complex and high-profiled welfare and death cases in Thailand in recent times. His successes can be attributed to having a flexible and diverse operational style, as well as patience and a deep understanding, strong sense of empathy, compassion, calmness, and an ability to deal closely with people in deep distress, including bereaved families and loved ones. 

Part of Jeff’s work with the Embassy was to also deal with the many British prisoners in Thai prisons; through the years he completed well over one thousand prison visits, and under his consular remit, was part of a team that worked closely with the Thai authorities to improve prison conditions.

With a friendly and warm personality, and a wealth of experience backing him up, Jeff is currently poised to continue making a positive difference to people’s lives through his role with SEC and AMAR.

Dao Micallef

Founding Director of SEC | Managing Director of AMAR International

Dao began her career as the official Thai translator for the State of Geneva, Switzerland in her role as Secretary to the Royal Thai Honorary Consulate. After a long career in Geneva she returned to Thailand in 2008 to join the Foreign Liaison Welfare Support Team for the Samitivej Hospital group. Subsequently, she then served long stints performing consular work with both the French and Canadian Embassies in Bangkok. Dao joined AMAR in 2018 and eventually took over the company in 2020.

Meticulous when it comes to helping customers in dire need, be it someone critically ill, or a bereaved family struggling to arrange a funeral, Dao’s work ethic is to go the extra mile, while paying attention to those finer details. She recognises that all customers have different needs, and she has a reputation for responding to those needs promptly.

After extensive planning, research and consultation, Dao has very recently launched Siam Elderly Care. Her motivation being her long track record of constantly working with the elderly in one way or another. Secondly, her strong drive to pursue work that assists the elderly and infirm has inspired her to seek creative ways in which to provide as much joy in our senior citizens as can be achieved.  

The vast array of welfare-related skills and extensive experience she brings to the table allows her, together with the team at SEC, to offer something special to clients, with the aim of making their autumn years as comfortable and joyful as possible.

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